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Click below to view samples of the Tai Chi form. Video 1 and Video 2 are from the beginning through cloud hands. Video 2a and Video 2b is Video 2, cut into 2 parts for dial up users to access quicker. Cable and DSL users should be able to view the full version without any difficulty.

                                             Sample Video Set

Tai Chi Video 1
(5.66 MB)

  Tai Chi Video 2
(3.26 MB)

 Tai Chi Video 2a
(1.61 MB)

   Tai Chi Video 2b
(1.71 MB)

(Movies may take up to a few minutes to fully load)

The Tai Chi Video set below is divided into 3 parts. 'One Side' is the full version of the Tai Chi form up to the second side. The 2nd video is from the beginning up to the 'Kicking Set', and the third video 'To Second Side', is from the kicking set up to the second side.

 Members Area Video Set

(Username & Password required for viewing)

(Movies may take up to a few minutes to fully load)

For more information, contact:

Mike Showstack, Sifu

(508) 254-2587


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