Shaolin Hung Gar
Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Tiger Crane is the original Southern Shaolin Martial Arts System of Hung Gar Kung Fu. This style is traditionally noted for its strong horse stance and powerful fist, integrating the agility of the tiger with the grace of the crane.

As a Shaolin system of fighting, Hung Gar Kung Fu incorporates the circular motions of the five elements:

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...with the movements of the five animals:

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...into extremely hard, yet simultaneously soft, hand techniques.

Hand techniques are the most fundamental and effective part of Hung Gar Kung Fu training. Unique in Hung Gar are the direct lateral movements called bridges. They are interlaced with circular and spiral motions to produce multi-directional forces. This powerful collection of the "12 Bridge Arms of Hung Gar" formed the cornerstone of southern Shaolin Kung Fu of antiquity.

For over one hundred years, Hung Gar Tiger Crane has been regarded as the most complete among China's internal and external Shaolin Kung Fu Systems.


For more information, contact:

Mike Showstack, Sifu

(508) 254-2587

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